Our services


  • Housing development sites, commercial sites
  • Sheet piling
  • Earthmoving – cutting, filling, applying layers

  • Deep sewers

  • 3 permanent maintenance squads for housing development sites (this higher than average capacity offers excellent customer care performance levels)

  • Kerb installation and repairs

  • Hard Landscaping


  • Water mains diversion
  • Water mains cleaning, camera inspections
  • Dedicated department for water mains laying (one of first in the industry to offer this)
  • Installation of pumping stations
  • SEPA and other utilities approvals


  • Surfacing – replace/upgrade
  • Junctions
  • Trunk roads, local roads, pavements, footpaths, public common areas
  • Roundabouts
  • Rail crossings
  • Hard landscaping – cobbles, monoblock
  • Concrete structures (small scale)
  • Kerb installation
  • Street lighting and street furniture

Small Works Division

Kerb Installation and Repairs

We are able to facilitate works involving replacements, alterations to roads and footpaths for pedestrian access. Remedial works to tar footways and roads, mono blocked surfaces, parking bays and speed ramps can also be addressed and also white line road markings.

Street Furniture

We undertake the replacement or installation of bollards, street signage and street lighting columns, speed cushion for traffic management, salt bin locating and litter bins along with any required residential outdoor seating areas.

Hard Landscaping

Another area in which we are active is the creating, setting out and formation of hard landscape areas whether this involves simple functional paving or sophisticated natural stone or attractive paving, gravel borders, decorative kerb edging, patios, and the forming of access ramps and platform etc. or just simply paved, mono blocked areas for vehicle access.

Watercourse Management

This is a major consideration in today’s environmental considerations. We can carry out such works as acco channel installations; new gully connection and installation; additional drainage including field drainage to assist in preventing water retention in landscape areas.